Driving feature rolled out in Apple’s newest iOS 11 beta

In June, Apple had announced a long-needed do not disturb while driving mode at the Worldwide Developer Conference. That feature has been released by the company for its iOS 11 latest beta. This feature has been developed with the aim to combat the very dangerous practice of texting while driving. This feature switches off all the other alerts that make people look at their phones while they are behind their seats.

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The applications offered by third-party approaches for this purpose are only helpful for Android devices. But with Apple’s feature, these safety measures can now be integrated iOS. Apple’s new feature does not completely prevent the appearance of alerts and messages while driving but also helps to remove the distractions that urge people to check their phone. This is something that has never been attempted before. While it is activated, the feature tells a user in a car when the phone is connected to the car’s USB connection or Bluetooth. The feature also uses the iPhone’s sensors to detect the speed even the phone isn’t connected to a car.

According to the company’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, the basic purpose of developing this feature is to make users focus on the road while driving a vehicle. These are the kind of messages that should not only be responded but should not even be seen while driving. The feature does not lock down the entire phone. Users can play music or can even get navigation assistance through maps or routing software. It also allows users to configure DND while driving to choose which contacts to get through. But when the vehicle is in motion, anyone who texts will get a reply telling that the user is driving with the do not disturb feature activated. The message will be seen when the user will reach the specific place. It will be followed by another message for allowing them to break through if the message is urgent for the user.

For teenage drivers, parents can also enable the feature by enabling it in the restriction menu if the iOS’s settings. This can be turned on or off by the help of the newly revamped Control Centre. Here a widget will be available to allow users for enabling the feature with a push of a button. While the feature is activated and the phone is on, the screen will be dark and only critical alerts will get through. The text that is being sent can be customized y the feature’s setting. The feature is currently being released in iOS 11 beta and will be available to the public this September.

Via: Tech Crunch


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