80% Of Employees Use AI In Workplace, Survey

80% Of Employees Use AI In Workplace

8 out of 10 workers, according to a recent survey, have implemented artificial intelligence (AI) in their workplaces. More than half of workers, according to RTE’s FRS Recruitment Employment Insights Report, believe that AI will soon affect or replace their jobs.

According to the report, the areas of education, training, hospitality, tourism, agriculture, farming, and the agri-food industry see the greatest adoption of AI. On the other hand, IT, professional services, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices were reported to use AI the least.

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Lynne McCormack, Head supervisor at FRS Enlistment, remarked on the discoveries, expressing, “What follows through in the current year’s overview is what the condition of the economy is meaning for mentalities inside the positions market as of now.”

She explained that economic conditions significantly affect recruitment activities, with six out of ten employers admitting that the economic outlook influences their hiring decisions.

McCormack further noted the shift in employee sentiment compared to the previous year. “The number of employees who fear for their job security has increased, fewer believe there are more job opportunities available, and the number who think they could secure a new job within three months has decreased compared to the 2023 figures,” she said. In light of shifting economic and technological landscapes, this trend reflects workers’ growing concerns about their employment prospects.

In addition, the report emphasized the significance of adapting to new technological developments and the potential requirement for retraining. As man-made intelligence keeps on coordinating into different businesses, the two representatives and bosses should explore the changing elements to remain cutthroat and secure in the gig market.

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