8 proven ways to boost your productivity

It is difficult to make the most of your time because there are only 24 hours in a day. The only way you can increase your output is either by putting in more hours or working smarter. The intelligent will definitely prefer the latter. Being more productive requires you to be more deliberate about how you manage your time.

Being more productive will require you to apply some simple but effective strategies at work:

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1- Use a time tracker:

It is very easy for anyone to have a sneak peek at the social media platforms during the work hours. This stops you from being actually productive at what you do. Therefore, use a time tracker for completing your project. Time trackers such as Toggl and Nutache can help you keep a track of how much time you are devoting to each and every project.

2- Apply the don’t disturb mode:

In every phone, there is a DO Not Disturb mode which is rarely used by most of the people. Whenever you are working on a project, use that mode to stay focused. When you will set this mode, it will not alert you for any of the notifications. You can set to normal mode once you get done with your task.

3- Take planned breaks:

Repeated distractions can make you lose focus and it becomes hard to get back to work. But if you take planned breaks while working it will keep you sharp. It will help build some scheduled relief in a day and you will become more productive.

4- Avoid pointless meetings:

When you see meetings that do not provide the desired outcome of your work, it is always better to avoid them. Instead, pay attention to the project and say no to all such pointless gatherings that waste your time.

5- Focus on what is important:

Sometimes the projects are really big which makes it difficult to stay focused on the main idea. Therefore, pay attention to the crucial parts of an assignment and then attend the secondary tasks.

6- Get away from the desk:

When you feel you are stuck in a project, it is always advised to leave it for some time and go out. The change of the environment will put you in a different frame of mind. When you will get back to working on the same project, your mind will have new perspectives to work on.

7- Spend best hours on most demanding tasks:

You might be surprised but you become productive when you make use of your most productive hours. Recognize when you are most energetic and plan to do the toughest work at that time. Keep the less difficult tasks for the rest of the day.

8- Stay positive:

If you don’t feel like getting a lot done, stay hopeful that you will be to accomplish what is needed. This will save you from getting depressed and will keep you confident throughout your work.

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