8 guidelines for getting into the unbreakable habit of workout

As humans, we are unfortunately very lazy. It is very easy for us to skip a gym session and find excuses to cover it up. But attaining a fitness level is not possible without discipline for working out on daily basis. For this purpose, you need to get into the habit of working out daily and to maintain a rhythm. But if you are like most of the people who do not know how to schedule your exercise routine, it may be hard for you.

For achieving your fitness goals this year, there are few guidelines you need to follow:

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1- Get a proper attire:

A workout uniform sets the whole mindset for preparing yourself for challenging your body. This may seem the simplest thing to do but it gives you the motivation and makes it easier to start your workout.

2- Avoid getting into excuses:

Your mind strongly works against you when you start working out. It provides you dozens of comforting reasons to quit exercising. You may think your clothes are not ready, your phone isn’t charged so you cannot listen to music or your drink isn’t ready. But if you remove all the excuses then you won’t find a way to get lazy and skip your exercise.

3- Chose the time that suits you:

It is not necessary that you do exercise in the morning. An evening time may be more suitable for you and you feel more relaxed while doing it. Therefore, choose your workout time wisely and not because it was written in an article.

4- Commit through a calendar:

For committing yourself to your exercise routine, set every single workout for at least the next month on your calendar. It will help you to legitimize your exercise routine in a proper way and you will build a mindset of working out on daily basis.

5- Choose the exercise that you enjoy:

Unless you are an athlete or a body builder, the sole purpose of your exercise is to get fit not to build abs. If you do not enjoy one kind of exercise, then try another one. If you hate jogging, try weights. If you hate weights, try the tread mill or you can choose any workout that you like. You need to do exertion and it can be any way you like.

6- Commit yourself to accountability:

When you are alone in a workout routine, it is very easy to skip it and get over it. For this purpose, you need to make yourself accountable for what you do. Only your will power cannot take you to a long way therefore involve someone who also expects you to work out consistently.

7- Set clear goals:

If you keep on exercising without having a set goal in mind, you are doomed to fail. You need to set smaller goals in order to reach bigger goals regarding your fitness. Commit to yourself for how much you want to lose weight and the way you want your body to be toned up and then stick to it.

8- Make a workout plan:

You do not need to waste time by going to the gym every day and exerting without a plan. Take the help of your instructor and create a workout plan for the whole year. This will help you to stick to it and focus more on improving it.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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