8 characteristics of extremely boring people

The most important question that you need to ask yourself is, do you think you are boring? If you get the answer yes, then it means you need to make changes in your personality and in your life to make yourself consistent with your desires.

But first you need to identify the traits of boring people and whether you have any of them or not. Following are the few specific traits of boring people:

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They fail to find a rhythm in your conversation:

The experts reveal that boring people fail to find a rhythm between talking and listening. They either keep listening and don’t talk or keep talking and don’t listen at all. A balanced conversation is always in the form of “give and take” which boring people do not understand.

They miss out the other person’s body language cues:

One of the traits that make a person extremely boring is when they miss out the cues that are indicated by another person’s body language. They fail to understand whether the other person is actually engaged in whatever they are talking about.

They can’t make other’s laugh:

The cognitive flexibility which is the ability to assess an idea or a situation from a variety of perspectives comes from humor. Boring people lack this ability because it is very hard for them to make people laugh.

They do the same thing:

A person who lives a sedentary life without any kind of variety in it is someone called as boring. An individual has an interesting personality if they get diverse experience and do not live their life on just one pattern.

They don’t have an opinion:

Boring people don’t have their own opinion regarding different things and events. They fail to see beyond what they are taught to believe and have no opinions of their own to offer on a variety of topics.

They cannot tell a good story:

It is very hard for boring people to tell a good story to interest others and engage others. They don’t have the ability to create a good story which makes them even more boring among others.

They have nothing new to add:

Boring people don’t have anything new to add in anything. Because of this, other people don’t learn anything new from them which add up to their information.

They speak in monotone:

People are considered boring who speak in a monotone. Their way of talking makes other people think they are serious whereas they are being sarcastic. It is hard for anyone to tell that when such people are being excited.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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