75% of internet users will be mobile based in 2017

The continuously evolving technology is fast enough to allow media to make predictions every day. We are not far away from getting increased internet growth in future. According to Zenith media, the global internet traffic in 2017 will account for 75% of mobile devices.

This is a big leap from statistics of the year 2012 and 2016, with around 40% and 68%. But the recent figures have been established with the help of analyzing mobile marketing and mobile technology around 60 states in the world. The research involved the amount of time users allocate to mobile internet usage, the increase in the smart phones, tablets as well as the growth of mobile ad spend.

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Following is the list of those countries that had the highest mobile internet consumption levels in 2016.

  1. Spain-85%
  2. Hong Kong-79%
  3. China-76%
  4. United States-74%
  5. Italy/India- 73%

These countries are expected to range differently in 2018 according to Zenith’s predations:

  1. Hong Kong-89%
  2. China-87%
  3. Spain-86%
  4. United States/Italy-83%
  5. India-82%

According to Zenith, only 23% of individuals in 2012 in the examined 60 markets had smart phones and only 4% had tablets. But in four years the smartphone usage increased to 2.4 times reaching to 56%. This penetration is expected to increase to 63% in 2018. Whereas tablets are considered a luxury more than a necessity therefore they are owned by only 15% people in the market of 60 countries. In 2018, the growth of tablet usage is predicted to increase only by 17%.

According to the reports, the Western Europe and Asia were found to be the highest smartphone users. Ireland leaded the path with 92% penetration, Singapore has 91%, Spain at 88%, Norway had 86%, whereas South Korea with 84% of the smartphone penetration levels. Ireland is expected to lead the market in 2018.

This report had viewed some other important aspects and revealed that mobile advertising will successfully be overtaking the desktop advertising in 2017. This will increase its mobile advertising share to 52% as compared to 2016. 2018 can be a year to represent 60% of the internet advertising with a net expenditure of US 134 bn. This expenditure will be much more that will be spent on other advertising sources.

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