7 Ways to train your brain to stay focused

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It seems hard to stay focused when you have a constant stream of employees, clients, emails, and phone calls demanding your attention. Amid the noise, understanding your brain’s limitation and working around them requires more focus for your own work. But the digital environment makes it hard to focus and reduces your intelligence and literally dropping your IQ. All these factors can easily jeopardize your chances of success.

But you can get a better focus if you apply the techniques in your life that help you to enhance it:

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Avoid multitasking:

According to experts, multitasking is irrelevant and distracts you from the work that you actually want to complete. The Stanford study carried out in 2009 revealed that in a sample of 100 students, the few of them were identified as the ones who could multitask, whereas, the others were not. The test examined that the multi-tasking individual’s performed poorly in everything. They had poor attention spans and very low memory capacity. Therefore, it is suggested to complete one task at a time and then move forward.

Regular exercise:

Exercise is not only a means to reduce weight; it is beneficial for overall body functions. A regular exercise is important for memory capacity and concentration. When you get into a routine, it stimulates the release of a chemical called as a brain-derived neurotropic factor. This chemical helps to rewire memory circuits to improve the functioning.

Creating a to-do list:

Staying focused requires your tasks to be listed in front of you so that you can take action without wasting any time. Once you start working on every project, you will get them completed one by one.

Take caffeine in moderate doses:

The experts suggest intake of caffeine in moderate amounts is good for enhancing concentration. Especially when you are fatigued, a moderate amount of caffeine can help to improve focus but it will not be for a long period of time.

Breaks are beneficial:

In order to work with complete focus, you need to take small breaks. Whether it’s taking a walk outside or watching a YouTube video, it will help you perform better afterwards on your work. Experts suggest performing a computer work for an hour. People who take two brief breaks during that hour are considered to perform better than the ones who work continuously.

Keep work separate:

When you are confronting a difficult problem, it is better to step away from it for some time. Instead of trying to solve it in one sitting, get a break and you will come up with a better solution. This requires you to keep your work separate and thinking about it only when you are working.

Try brain exercises:

Brain training exercises are really helpful in improving your ability to focus. Try to play crossword puzzle games and it will develop your brain muscles and you will be prepared for confronting challenges on the way.

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