7 ways to protect yourself from absorbing negativity of others

It happens most of the time that people start having negative thoughts just because of being around with negative people. You can take on the negative mentality in no time and it becomes worse with your own little-confused thoughts. You need to protect yourself from absorbing this kind of energy from other people as it makes you feel anxious and overwhelmed for no reason.

If you want to live a more positive and productive life then following ways can help you stay away from the thoughts of negative people.

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Identify whose emotion is it:

When you find yourself getting caught up in a swirl of negative emotions, focus towards whose emotion is it. If it is yours then deal with it by working on the problem. But if it is somebody else’s negative emotion, then let go of it simply.

Put some space between you and the negative thoughts:

Whenever you experience negative thoughts taking over your brain, go outside, take a walk etc. give yourself some space from the negative people and remember that their negativity is not your negativity.

Know your limits:

You need to have the understanding what triggers your negativity. Once you have identified people or things that bring negative thoughts in your mind, start walking in the opposite direction when you see them coming.

Get clear with people:

If someone tries to steal your peace of mind then you need to set boundaries to stop them. Sometimes you have to use the word “no” when it comes to managing negative energy from negative people.

Visualize yourself immune:

You can block other people’s negative energy by imagining yourself impenetrable to negative thoughts. This might take some time as it needs practice but it can help you a lot from saving you from negative energy.

Throw it out:

If negative energy by any chance makes a way into your life, then visualize it by pushing it away from yourself. Imagine the negative energy leaving your body leaving space for the positive energy to fill in.

Wash it off:

In order get free physically and mentally from negative thoughts, the best way is to take a hot bath. It will relax your muscles and will give you a restful sleep instead of obsessing over the negative thoughts.

It is very important to stay protected from negative feelings as it can drain your energy and can make you very less productive in your life. Therefore, stay away from it by managing it appropriately.

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