7 Tips for your brain health to become smarter

Many of your cabinets or drawers might be overflowing with lotions and potions to tackle the exterior sins of ageing but have you ever thought what the real fear should be right now? It should not be how you will look in five, ten, or next fifteen years; your major concern should be the working of your brain when you age. You should be more attentive of the habits that keep your overall health and reduce the onset of diseases like Alzheimer and dementia.

As you age, the functions of your brain change and bring mental decline. The cognitive impairment is not something inevitable, following are the few ways you can maintain your brain function:

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Get involved in brainy activities:

Researchers have proved that mental stimulation helps to keep your brain young and that can be done by getting involved in brainy activities on daily basis. Don’t be afraid to try mental gymnastics such as word puzzles. Do math problems experiments in order to stimulate your brain and do activities that require mental activity such as drawing, painting, or any other craft.

Get good nutrition:

Nutrition plays a very important role in keeping your brain active and young even at an old age. Eat a diet that is rich with fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, and unsaturated oils. These foods are more likely to prevent you from brain disease such as dementia.

Improve your blood sugar and cholesterol:

For dementia, diabetes can be a major risk, therefore, keep your blood sugar balanced. You can stay away from diabetes by eating weight and doing regular exercise. Also, keep a check on your cholesterol levels. Keep your weight under control with regular exercise and contact a medical practitioner if it increases.

Stay calm:

For your brain health, it is very important to stay calm and relaxed. This can be done by taking care of your emotions. If you are stressed, depressed, anxious, and sleep-deprived all the time, your brain is less likely to function properly. Therefore, get a good amount of sleep and respond instead of reacting to difficult situations.

Protect yourself from head injuries:

Head injuries are greatly known to increase the risk of cognitive impairment. Therefore, be very careful of activities that can bring any damages to your head.

Build strong social networks:

When you have a strong bond of family and friends around you, you are less likely to suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer and dementia. Therefore, stay connected to your loved ones and it will help you keep your blood pressure on the lower side as well as to live a long life.

Quit smoking:

Tobacco can be bad for your health in all forms. It not only damages your lungs but brings extreme negative effects to your brain. You must quit smoking and you will see great results in your mental and physical health.

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