7 Strategies to march towards goal achievement in 2019

It’s very often that we dream big but even the greatest goals get lost in the whirlwind of daily tasks and interruptions. There are some simple strategies that can ensure our goals stay on track and we avoid the pain of seeing our biggest goals slipping through our fingers. Steady progress makes us feel satisfied until the goals are finally achieved.

Following are the few simple straightforward strategies that can make us actually achieve our goals:

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Always plan:

Without planning, there are zero chances to achieve your goals. A plan gives you the direction you are travelling towards; therefore, create a plan for your goals. Making a plan does not mean that it has to go as you have thought, but it should be flexible enough if you are required to make any changes.

Create an atmosphere for goal achievement:

You need to institute the right habits into your life that foster discipline because without it, t is not possible to achieve your goals. In life, things can get chaotic sometimes and you feel to have lost control but if you have an atmosphere for goal achievement, nothing can is impossible.

Remove distractions:

Distractions can find you from every corner and can make you lose focus from your goals. Therefore, reduce the distractions in your life to move towards your goals. Pay attention to where the distractions are originating from and then work to eliminate the ones that waste your time and energy.

Break goals into milestones:

You can create en-route to your goals by breaking them into milestones. These milestones will help you stay on track and to achieve your goals faster. If you have long-term goals, break them into equal parts. Once you do that, you will see the short-term results which will motivate you to keep working towards your goals.

Do not procrastinate:

Procrastination is your productivity killer and should be avoided at all cost. When you procrastinate, it allows your natural tendencies to delay things and it can become habitual. Therefore, set a timer on your phone and dedicate your time on doing that work that you have been putting off. Once you do that, it will help you achieve more in the shortest possible time.

Manage your time:

You must find a good system to manage your time and implement it in your life. When you know you have limited time for each task, it will help avoid distractions and you will be more productive.

Do the MITS first:

The most difficult tasks are usually the Most Important Tasks of the day which you avoid doing at the start of the day. But once you get done with the MITs, your entire day becomes less stressful. And if two tasks are complicated then do the one that is most complicated and terrifying.

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