7 Simple happiness hacks that can boost your mood

The pursuit is happiness is living life by the moments instead of spending your time thinking what you should accomplish next. By choosing to engage in activities, people take charge of their happiness. But being wired to the emotions of anger, anxiety, and excitement, most of the people get drowned into feelings that are overpowered by the negative emotions. Feeling happy all the time is wished by everyone and if you are told that there are certain things that can be done to make you feel closer to happiness all the time, you will definitely like to follow them. Simple hacks that you do not realize can boost your mood and bring you back on track.

Following are the few ways to hack your happiness:

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Daily nature walk:

When you feel sad and depressed, all you need is to take a step outside your house. Your mood will get a lot better as you will take a daily nature walk. Not only it will boost your happiness but will also improve your well-being and connectedness with other people.

Worrying about the small matters:

According to experts the less people worry about smaller issues, they remain satisfied and happy. So stay happy by worrying less about small things.

Stronger relationships:

Experts found that the relationships with family and friends are a major mood booster. For staying happy you need to cultivate the positive relationships and rule out the negative ones from your life.

Quality relationships:

It is a god thing to have numerous friends but what is more important is the value of these relationships. The quality of your relationships matters the most instead of how many friends are in your circle.

Right amount of sleep:

A person’s happiness is closely related to sleep and when you fail to get enough sleep, you struggle a lot with mood swings and aggravation, seven to nine hours of sleep every night can make you perfectly happy.

Spend money on experiences:

For most of the people, money is just a means to buy things that are required. But it gives more happiness when money is spent on learning a skill or gaining an experience. If you want to feel happier and satisfied, spend money on experiences like trips or classes rather than buying material things.


There are so many moments when you don’t feel happy and it seems impossible to boost your mood somehow. Smiling is a good way to instantly boost your mood as it helps you to strengthen the good feelings.

Via: Entrepreneur

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