7 Reasons why you don’t reach your goals

Have you ever thought about why some people seem to achieve more than others despite having the same resources available? This is especially true when it comes to accomplishing your goals. You feel stuck in the same spot for weeks and fail to accomplish what you should have by that time.

If this happens to you then it might be time to assess yourself with the following truths:

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Not having a purpose:

You need to have a higher purpose to achieve your goals because you cannot achieve anything just on the basis of your vague imagination. Make yourself understand how a goal is important for you and how to stay persistent in your efforts for achieving it.

Not creating clear goals:


It is hard to achieve when it is not clear in your mind. Most of the time you set yourself up for failure by setting a goal that is not clear. Instead, set SMART goals by being specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic, and the ones that have a strict timeline.

Involving in procrastination:

When you get involved in procrastination, you never get started taking real action. Do not delay things for doing at a later time, instead, deal with everything in the present time. Make sure to break the bigger steps into smaller ones and start right away.

Not being responsible:

Things never go as you plan but when you blame others for the failures, you set yourself up for actual failure. Don’t make others responsible for what went wrong and take responsibility for whatever you do.

Paying attention to those who discourage you:

While starting a new business, you will see many people who will discourage you. But don’t allow them to stop you from perusing your goals and ignore them. Know the purpose of your goal and make sure that you make the final choice.

Watching TV most in your free time:

Most people think that watching people has nothing to do with their success. But that is not true, it makes you do nothing and tire your mind and body for no reason. Replace your TV-watching time with reading books that take you closer to achieving your goals.

Being selfish:

When you don’t help others and just think about your own self, you take yourself away from those people who can help you in your time of need. Never hesitate of serving others and always look for ways to help people. You will achieve your goals faster by helping others.

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