How to see your goals through the end

Big goals are easy to set and planning towards working them seems more exciting. But what is not easy and not exciting is how you continually recommit yourself to your vision that you have created. It becomes especially more challenging when there is a huge looming chasm between where you are and where you actually want to be. Looking up at the summit from ground zero surely seems daunting. But if you want to close the gap then you need to create the reconnection rituals and adapt to the just a matter of time mindset.

Following are the ways you can become committed to your destination:

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1. Make your morning productive:

Instead of scrolling down the social media platforms after getting up in the morning, focus on your tasks. It is the time your mind and body can tune in for bigger possibilities and when you focus on your goals early you will feel more prepared for the day ahead. Write down the things you want to work on, one person whom you want to reach out to, and one task that can bring you closer to your goal.

2. Focus on the bigger picture:

Once you start working on the tasks, it can feel like a total drag and you may feel like losing motivation. So at this time, remind yourself of the bigger picture, tell yourself what you are trying to achieve, what are your long-term goals and how would it feel to achieve them.

3. Don’t rush:

If you put yourself on fast-forward, you will add up stress to your journey and chances of making more mistakes. Making too many changes at once can make you overwhelmed which can push you to quit faster. Therefore, recommit to doing only a couple of things, give all you have, and when you are satisfied with the results, move on to the next project.

4. Give yourself some time:

When you feel stuck at one place, step back and give yourself some time to recognize the progress you have made until now. Give time to absorb all the new things that you have learned. Try to stay away from your phone during this time and go out in the nature and it will help to increase satisfaction, well-being, and relaxation.

5. Think of your ambitious undertakings:

When you feel like losing all the motivation, just imagine yourself accomplishing what you have been working for. it will not only save you from the sinking feeling that you are having but will also make you feel good and happy about your efforts. Envision your projects completed and allow that vision to guide you throughout the journey.

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