7 real reasons why you feel stuck in life, depressed and can not move forward

Everybody ends up feeling stuck in life at some point or other. But the truth is that you will be moving right along and may be improving, and then suddenly you hit a plateau and you feel stuck. Nothing seems to satisfy you and you don’t even figure out what is going on wrong.

You need to become aware of some of the obvious reasons that make you feel stuck and do some self-work to get out of them. Following are the most common reasons that can be the reason for making you feel stuck in life:

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Making comparisons:

Feeling stuck in life makes you think negatively about yourself which puts you in an impossible place where it seems impossible to compete with the people around you. When you start comparing yourself, you stop focusing on your own goals.

Not being self-aware:

When you don’t have knowledge about your strengths and weaknesses, you often fail to figure out what you actually want in life. This makes you feel not progressing at all. You must learn to leverage your strengths and express what you want. This is the only way you will move forward in life.

Being with negative people:

The negative energy places a bad impact on your own life. It becomes extremely difficult to get out of negativity when you stay among people who are negative. Therefore, stay among people who are more positive and know that life is precious. Find joy in every moment and you will see your life moving along easily.

Not loving yourself:

The real progress takes place when you accept yourself and love the way you are. You must be kind to yourself because you spend the most time with your own self. You should understand that being a good person you deserve to be loved by yourself first.

Not prioritizing your needs:

Another reason that makes you feel stuck in life is that you do not prioritize your own needs. You always put other’s needs ahead of yours which makes you feel unimportant. That’s when you feel depressed and unhappy. Prioritize your own needs and take out time to for yourself.

Setting unreal expectations:

Sometimes you set expectations for yourself that are too high. But you must understand that there is no such thing as perfection. You can only do your best and leave it all up to your destiny. Stop setting unreal expectations and become happy what comes after your sincere efforts.

Not availing opportunities:

This is the major reason for feeling stuck in the life that you don’t avail the opportunities that come in your way. You keep ignoring the opportunities that are available for the better ones. But when you don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone, it stops you from moving forward in life.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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