Defeated, Feeling Down and Lack The Confidence? – Turn The Tide By Counting On This One Person

Nobody has failed in life without doing anything. If you look at the positive side, the failure itself is encouraging attribute that points to your ability to attempt something. Those who have not taken any risk in their life have never succeeded nor failed. It’s the fixed mindset Robert talks about in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad“.

We all have our moments of joy and despair. Some times we win, some times we lose but many can’t cope with the emotional pressure of defeat and go into a shallow mode amid lack of confidence. You can turn the tide by believing in yourself.

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A winner was once a loser but was able to change the fate courtesy hard work and perseverance. It is very important to learn from your failure, asses the reasons and make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes again

The only person that can change your life is you.

Start believing in yourself, you will be surprised to see what you can accomplish. In every field of life, self-confidence is one of the most important qualities to have. It makes a clear difference between success and failure.

The problem with developing self-belief is that it does not have a ‘one fits all’ solution and you have to build it by working on it. Nobody is born with limitless self-belief or confidence but you can build it through regular practice.

Following are seven ways you can develop unshakable confidence in life.

1. See an image of yourself as you want to be:

When you struggle with lack of confidence, you usually have a low-perception of yourself. But if you visualize yourself as someone who you have always dreamed to be then it can help you to become that person. It will motivate you and will strengthen your belief in your abilities.

2. Use positive affirmations:

When it comes to gaining self-belief or confidence then you must make lasting changes as to how you view your own self. Saying positive affirmations o yourself is normally very effective if said out loud. When you hear these affirmations you start to believe whatever you tell yourself constantly. This will help you have a stronger self-belief which not gets shaken even in the tough times.

3. Face fears head-on:

You lack self-confidence because you fear the obstacle that will come along the way. Practice doing something that you fear every day. When you will experience the fears head-on, your confidence will start to soar.

4. Concentrate on success:

For developing true self-confidence, you must concentrate on your success and forget about the failures as well as the negatives in your life. Do not set goals that are unrealistic. Instead, start with smaller goals that you can easily achieve. Once you will concentrate on winning, it will make you work harder on your goals and you will start having belief in your abilities.

5. Be helpful to others:

You can easily give a boost to your self-confidence when you help someone who is in need. It enables you to forget about your own self and make a difference in someone else’s life.

6. Pay attention to yourself:

You can develop self-confidence when you have good physical health, emotional health, and social health. When you will feel good about your physique, you will automatically have high energy and confidence. Therefore, take time out for yourself and cultivate habits that help you maintain your health.

7. Live life with an equality mentality:

One main reason for low self-confidence is that you see others as better than yourself. You see yourself as inferior to others and that brings down your own worth. Instead, if you live with an equality mentality, you will feel that there is no other better or more deserving then you. Once you start viewing yourself as the better person, you will start to see improvement in your self-confidence.

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