7 benefits that writing a journal on daily basis

Most of the people write several thousand words per week but only a few of them become a consistent journal writer. It is because when it comes to writing a journal many think of it as a time that is reserved only for writing a diary. It is not considered something valued and has a lot of skepticism about writing journal.

But when you write something for yourself rather than an audience you find it tremendously liberating and deeply satisfying. Following are the few benefits that writing a journal on daily basis can enable you to do:

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It helps to process previous events:

When you go through different experiences in life, you learn a lot from every moment. But when you write them in the form of a journal, it helps you to remember the experiences. Reading them again after some time helps you to process how everything happened and what was the outcome.

Brings a state of mindfulness:

The studies have proved a strong connection between happiness and mindfulness. When you write about your daily experiences, it brings you in a state of mindfulness. It helps you to actively engage with your thoughts and pay full attention without considering the anxiety that has been attached to it at that time.

Understanding the context:

The events in life happen so quickly that you often don’t have enough time to reflect on what is happening. But journaling helps you to discern the difference between the forest and the trees. It helps you to understand where you actually are and where your path leads.

Writing leads to wisdom:

In a classroom, you are considered a better learner when you take notes. In real life, you can do the same by writing a journal on daily basis. Writing things down leads you to become wiser and learn things which you cannot otherwise.

Ask questions:

When you write a journal, it helps you to learn about the quality of your life. It helps you discover the answers to many questions which have been coming to your mind.

Increases memory and comprehension:

The connection of your brain and your hand is sparked by the composition of thoughts and ideas. Words and sentences are the representation of the ideas that you develop in your mind and strengthens the information that you have gathered during the day.

Helps to heal:

It has been proved that expressive writing is a route to healing. Writing about your emotions helps you heal psychologically and physically. It helps you to release the stress that has been formed due to emotional blockages and overthinking hypotheticals.

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