7 bad body language habits you want to improve for better impression

Majority of our communication is done through non-verbal cues and these could eventually have a significant impact on the advancements in our career. It happens because people tend to believe more of what they see instead of what they hear. Our appearance, manners, and physical behavior convey a vast amount of information to our audience. Whether the purpose is to inform, entertain, motivate, convince, or inspire people, if your body does not communicate properly too then it can defeat our words. Thus, body language is an important part of our communication and if we slouch, avert our eyes, or fold our arms then it makes it even worse.

There are several body language habits that we adopt and are hard to break. Following are the few habits that we barely notice but adopt,

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Standing in a defensive pose:

It is common for most of the people to naturally cross their arms or hunch over a little. This is something that they do without even knowing but this posture can make you look uncomfortable and defensive. It also stops other people to trust you easily therefore always keep your hands in view during a conversation.

Using hand gestures correctly:

Majority of the people either stay too still when they are speaking or flounder all over the place. According to behavioral consultants, hand gesture is an effective way to engage your audience but it should be used wisely. The tip is to avoid making it seem like conducting an orchestra or choreographing.

Hobbling instead of walking:

There are lots of findings that take place on the behavior of people by inspecting their walk. But this is one of the hardest habits to break because it develops overtime and unless you practice patiently, you cannot change it. The best way is to walk with confidence and coordination instead of shuffling.

Terrible posture:

This is the posture of your body that you develop unknowingly and unluckily if you are not warned about it; it can become the habit for life. It not only makes you look un-confident but also strains your backbone. So improve your posture by standing up straight and this will be good for your mental as well as physical health.

Eye contact:

Long glances at someone can create uncomfortable feelings to the person you are speaking to. Remain moderate while giving attention with your eyes neither stare for long nor ignore them by averting your eyes.

Do not freeze:

You don’t need to freeze during a conversation as it makes people feel uneasy or show that you are not interested. Try to mirror the other person without giving a feeling that you are copying them. Keep your gestures and expressions subtle so that that it give a more positive outlook of your personality.


Never forget to smile often as it is the best way to show openness, warmth, energy, and confidence. It makes people perceive you as a good listener and forces them to smile back.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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