6 ways self-publishing can easily help you earn six figures

It is easy to make mistakes when you are on the road to becoming a published author. It’s an emotional journey that involves your ego to be in the way sometimes. To begin, it might have sounded hard to get your book published. But with the passage of time, everything has changed. If you have ever fancied yourself as the next big writer, then you should be glad that self-publishing has made getting your book out there easier than ever before. The founder of the self-publishing school, Chandler Bolt decided to self publishes his own book. His own books earned his company $5 million annual business  in less than three years.

Self-publishing is helpful in generating revenues. Following are the multiple ways you can increase your level of income through self-publishing.

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Passive income:

According to Bolt, this is the most recognized form of income. His first book earned him $4,000 in recurring monthly income. His books focused on every niche audience and contributed several hundred dollars monthly income involving not very much of an effort on his part.

Done with your and services:

For learning a particular skill, there is an entire category of books that teach various subjects. Published books can generate revenues different fields such as yoga studios, web-design agencies, or law firms. Most people who read the books consider doing it themselves as a lot of hard work therefore they hire authors to do it for them


In the business world of today, writing a book can also lead to the work of consulting. According to an entrepreneur Steven Daar, during the launch of his book he earned $1,500 and closed more than $17,000 in the client work. He tripled his rates as soon as the clients came towards him.

Speaking engagements:

Self-publishing can also open doors to generating revenue through speaking engagements. According to the author of the book Master You Money, Hahna Latonick’s was able to make $3,000 on her first speaking engagement. Many other authors also earned thousands of dollars from clients on speaking engagement with the publishing of their book.

Individual or group coaching:

Self-publishing also leads to individual or group coaching. The author of the book Beak Your Bad Love Habits, Emily Rose took her coaching business up to $10,000 per month.

Digital podcasts or courses:

Through digital podcast, authors are enabled to earn more. The author of the book, Beyond the Grid was able to make $3,864 in royalties in his initial 60 days. He then he used his book to grow upon his email list and launched a course that made him earn greater than $400,000 over the period of eight months.

Via: Entrepreneur

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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