6 ways of communicating effectively in the workplace


Good communication is the secret ingredient in a successful, performing team and plays a crucial role in building authentic relationships, generating ideas, and helping the team overcome challenges and to face difficult conversation.

Following are shared some actionable tips for you to improve the quality and quantity of communication on your team. You must understand that each employee is different and that no team is the same, therefore, you may need to take a deeper dive into understanding your own team’s communication dynamics.

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Remain available:

The best way to have good communication is to be available to talk to people when they want to. You should be willing to jump in and help employees when they need you. The more you will become available to your employees, the more relaxed atmosphere of communication you will create in the workplace.

Have a friendly attitude:

It is important to have a friendly attitude when you are working with a team. Once you develop a friendly attitude, people naturally get attracted towards you and find it easier to approach you. This type of communication allows employees to share their issues with you more openly and get better at whatever they are working on. It makes it easy to work with cranky co-workers too if you’ve a friendly attitude.

Adopt the habit of listening:

Good communication is not always about conveying your message; it is about listening to what others have to say. By becoming a good listener you completely understand what others have to say and help to work closely with them.

Share information clearly:

For good communication, it is important to be clear in your directions and messages that you want to convey. Generating a lot of difficult words from your mouth does not make people understand easily what you want to tell them. Remove all the fluff and converse in simple words so that everyone can understand them.

Look people in the eyes:

While communicating with other people, it is important to look at them in the eyes. Pay attention to non-verbal communication such as crossed arms and frowns, because these are the major signals that indicate if someone is disagreeing with you.

Remain open to feedback:

Feedback is really important no matter what field and what level you are working at. Even if you are the president of a company, be open to the feedback from your boss, colleagues, or customers. It is the best way to learn about you and more importantly improve yourself.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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