6 Ways anger ruins your health

Getting angry first thing in the morning can affect you a lot more than you can even imagine. It might happen because you might have missed the alarm in the morning, scrolled through the news, or had to face the rage-inducing traffic on your commute. There can be plenty of reasons that have the potential to set off your anger in the morning. When you reach your workplace, you may assume that diving into work and getting busy will leave all the negative feelings behind. But research shows that the residual anger can affect the decision making even long after you have been provoked.

When you hold anger for long, it can wreak havoc on your body. If you are prone to losing your temper very often, following are the reasons you need to stay calm:

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Anger weakens your immune system:

One of the biggest reasons to avoid getting angry is that it weakens your immune system. According to experts, simply recalling an angry situation from the past even in healthy people, can cause a six-hour dip in levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A. these are the cells that form the first line of the defense mechanism against infection. Therefore you should turn towards stress coping strategies that are effective for protecting your immune system.

Can lead to worse anxiety:

According to studies anger and anxiety go hand-in-hand and anger can exacerbate symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder GAD. Anger contributes towards the severity of GAD symptoms and can interface with a person’s daily life.

Link with depression:

Various studies have proved that anger is also closely related to depression and makes people overthink. Experts advise someone struggling with depression mixed with anger to get busy and stop thinking so much. When you focus your attention towards the present moment, there is no room left for anger.

Harmful for lungs:

It is not necessary to be a smoker to have damaged lungs. If you are a perpetually angry person, you can still be hurting your lungs. Studies have shown that men with highest hostility ratings can have worse lung capacity which increases their risk of respiratory issues.

A short span of life:

Stress is very closely related to your general health. If your stress levels are continuously high, it can easily shorten your lifespan. People with high levels of hostility are away from living a healthy and longer life.

High risks of stroke:

People who get angry often are at higher risks of having a stroke from a blood clot or bleeding within the brain. It happens during the two hours of an angry outburst which puts people at a higher risk.

But the good news is that you can learn to control your angry explosions by working with a therapist or practicing on your own to be. You need to learn to express anger in an appropriate way so that you can make good use of your angry thoughts.

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