6 times you should say “No” to kids if you want them to be successful in the future

In today’s world, a lot of parents are afraid to say “No” to their children. The fear of their child not liking them for a simple “No” makes them say yes all the time even though they need to say no. if both parents work outside then the problem is compounded and parents say yes to whatever their kids want because they are so eager for their time with them to be pleasant. But according to experts when parents are doing their job well, their children might not like them. In fact, if children like their parents all the time, they must be something important in their training.

Saying no to your kids teaches them three important skills. It teaches them to tolerate when not getting what you want, respect another person’s view, and how to manage your feelings. Only the saying of “No” should be in a meaningful manner. You have to be clear in your mind which things you need to say “No” to your kids. Following are the few examples:

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When they are hurting others:

Children usually do not understand when they are hurting others; therefore, it is your responsibility to not let them do that. You have to stop them and say “No” and tell them to be nicer to humans and animals.

Taking part in bullying:

Bullying in later life can become a serious problem later in life. If your child is being mean to some other kid and no matter that kid is your relative, you have to stop them. You do not need to join in to make people feel worse; you have to instruct your kid to behave.

Destruction of personal property:

Personal property needs to be respected and you have to teach this to your kid too. When you find your child destroying personal property, it is time for you to use the power of saying “No”.

Being nude in public:

After a certain age, being nude in public is not at all an okay thing to do. You have to make your child understand that bodies are wonderful and nobody needs to see them. Teach them to respect their own self and never to undress in public.

Misbehaving in a restaurant:

When your child is growing up, you need to teach them rules of the establishment. If your find your child getting into the way of the waiter or disrespecting them, trying to make them fall etc. you need to firmly tell them to stop misbehaving.

Breaking promises:

It often happens that your child makes promises with friends at school but when they reach home, they usually forget. You need to teach them not to break promises either they have planned to go out, spend time or help them in any way. This is going to help them a lot the importance of being honest in what they say.

When it comes to saying “No”, you need to be clear about what is important to you and should firmly enforce it. Once you start doing it, you will be actually teaching your kids a life skill that will last forever.

Via: Business Insider

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