6 Times when you make a bad career decision

We all have to make decisions at times in our life and they are inescapable. But it is impossible to know what kind of choices we are making because sometimes we are blinded by circumstances or emotions. But when it comes to making decisions about the career, serious deliberation comes in order. But even with a lot of careful consideration, the career transition can leave us feeling more stuck than moving forward.

We should be aware of the common traps that inevitably lead us to regrettable career decision. Following are the few to keep in mind:

Bad feeling about the new opportunity:

A big career move is bound to cause some butterflies and the nervousness don’t make us turn down a great offer. But this is the time when we actually need to slow down and separate fact and fiction from our mind. When a proper connection is not felt with an opportunity then it certainly needs a second thought.

Feelings of desperation:

Sometimes we get the feelings of just wanting to make the decision and get over with it. It is because we may be unhappy with our current job but the pressure of changing something can put us in a more difficult condition. Therefore, when feelings of panic arise, maintain the perspective, and consult someone who has no emotional attachment to the situation.

Making an escape-based choice:

It also happens that in order to make our family happy, we make choices that are not a result of our own motivation. This is the time we easily make a bad decision and there are a lot of chances that we will regret it in future. This is just a type of behavior we attempt to feel better but we need to be honest and learn to trust making our own decisions.

Anxious internal dialogues:

Intellectualization or anxious internal dialogues can often result in making bad career moves. They come in a common response to anxiety and make us uncomfortable. We make a career decisions which deep down indicates us to be a bad one but we stick to it just to satisfy our internal debate. It makes us talk ourselves into something we do not believe is good for us.


Sometimes the restlessness also makes us make abrupt decisions. But we must learn to balance our head and heart and learn the promises the new opportunity has to offer. Taking false pressure can easily get us drowned.