6 speech rules that heads you towards your success

The words that we speak hold immense power. It is the power that can either create possibilities or close them down. These words have the power to build relationships or to damage them forever. This power can either lift people up or pull them down and more often it is our own self that gets to suffer all of it. We do not realize that how impactful our words are and psychologists have found that our subconscious mind very easily interprets what it hears. This often unconsciously makes us sabotage our ability to attain success because we simply use the language that undermines our opinions, intensifies our issues, and decreases our confidence to handle them.

But if we use positive language about ourselves, it will affirm confidence, hope, fuel optimism, and will reduce the anxiety that creeps into our minds every now and then. Following are the ways we can make the change:

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1. Have a good posture:

In order to get started, we have to look at our posture. The way we hold ourselves physically influences a lot that goes inside our minds. Therefore first up, we should stand tall, shoulders back, a little smile on the face and a plenty of eye contact with people who are around us. This will increase our presence and will make sure that the words that we speak can have an optimal impact on the listeners.

2. Reframe words:

When we want to change our speech for better, we must reframe the words and phrases for example, instead of starting with telling people what we cannot do, we should reframe our language in ways that express forward movement. We must add words like I can, I am, I will, etc.

3. Express opinion respectfully:

Another thing that mostly lowers the value of our words is that when we apologize for the opinions that we have. There is no need to apologize for having thoughts about things; we just can express them in a respectful way so that it does not hurt anyone.

4. Staying committed:

When we are not committed to the things we do, we hardly achieve anything in life. Therefore, instead of using the words “try”, we must stay committed. When we think of trying to achieve things that we need, we usually find an excuse for not doing them.

5. Approaching problems:

Challenges and problems never stop appearing in life. There is no way we can avoid them but we can change the way we approach them. This is what successful people do; they approach their problems in a different way. This makes them learn more from them then losing hope. We should rephrase problems as new opportunities to dig deeper. Just changing the way we describe our problems will open up whole new avenues for dealing with them.

6. Remove the labels:

Sometimes, the way we behave and perform our activities compels people to label as lazy, disorganized, terrible networker etc. This confirms that we are like that and are helpless to bring a change. What we should do is remove the labels and challenge ourselves to become better.

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