6 Simple ways to become a better person and be liked by everybody

Throughout our lives, we all make mistakes that do not exactly place us in the best light like telling white little lies or hurting people. We grew up feeling guilty for those mistakes and they feel like a heavy burden on our hearts and mind. Although we know that there is nothing such as perfect but it does not mean that we don’t try to become better.

For growing as a person, we have to strive to be better every day, month, and year and fortunately we can do that with the following simple possible steps:

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Begin with self-compassion:

In the words of Solange Knowles, when you take care of yourself, you become a better person for others. And when you feel good about yourself, you treat others better. Self-compassion makes you be kind to your own self, forgive yourself for every wrong thing that you do, and to take care of yourself in the smallest possible ways. It makes you do nice things for the people around you and you treat them with love and kindness.

Knowing who you are:

You can become a better person by understanding your own self and the things that are of value to you. Once you know what you most value, you will prioritize your core beliefs. By honoring your personal value, you will make a meaningful contribution to your life as well as the life of the people around you.

Becoming flexible:

Living your best life requires you to become flexible. An open mind allows you to accept a lot of good things that you haven’t even thought of. Being non-judgmental, non-critical, and accepting of other people and events are all the advantages that you gain by becoming open-minded. You become more tolerant of the happenings around you and allow external things just to be as they are.

Choose the best encouraging words:

You may not know the importance but encouraging words can make a great difference in your life. Knowing which encouraging word, smile, or gesture no matter how small it is can encourage people to keep doing the good they are trying to do.

Do what you say:

When your thoughts, words, and actions are aligned, it results in integrity. You must know whether your words are followed by an action or not. Follow through with what you have said and what plan have you made to turn it into a reality. Following through with your words make you a good person because you do what you actually say to yourself and others.

Be of service to others:

There can be nothing better than you can be of help to others around you. Even the small changes you can make in others’ lives can help you become a better person. Just be sensitive and think before you speak. While giving advice, be sensitive to other people’s emotions.

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