6 Signs that you have outgrown your job

Bad days at work are common but a bad month or a bad year indicates that you are not interested in your job anymore. If you have to drag yourself to the office each day and instead of working you keep on refreshing Facebook every five minutes then it means you have outgrown your role.

But in order to know whether it’s just a temporary phase or an actual sign that you have outgrown your job, following are the few things to take notice of:

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You don’t feel satisfied:

It is not possible to stay motivated if you don’t feel satisfied with your work. You remain interested in your work until you feel like contributing and making an impact. But when it does not happen, it is hard to work the same way.

You don’t find any new opportunities to learn:

When you are pursuing your career, it is important to keep on tackling new challenges and learn more. This is something that helps you to actively manage your own career and you must not hesitate to take on added responsibilities. This is the only way to get trained and expand your chances of new opportunities. But if you feel that there are no more opportunities to learn something new than it means it’s time to move on

You don’t feel connected to a company’s mission:

An important factor that helps you stay motivated is when you believe in the core values of a company you are working for. But if you are not relating to the mission of people you are working with and not agreeing with their decisions, then it indicates that the company might not be a great fit for you.

Your salary has not increased:

Working for a company for years and putting in extra effort by taking on different projects requires an increase in your salary. But if there hasn’t been any significant change in your salary then you must look for another job. It is because, with time, you acquire skills and knowledge that you previously didn’t have and the quality of your work also improves.

Spending a lot of time fantasizing:

It is not bad to think about your goals but if you find yourself fantasizing about “what-if” like what you could be then it is a sign that you should find a new role. Also, if you spend your days at work doing fun activities such as playing video games or indulging in useless conversation, it indicates you are no more interested in your job.

You keep looking at the clock:

It is okay to look forward to getting free from work and to go home. But constantly glancing at the clock and counting minutes till you get free, is the most reliable sign that it is time to look for another job for yourself.

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