6 Habits that make you seem unprofessional during a job interview

During an interview, your unconscious actions in the heat of the moment can be an indication that you are uncomfortable. What makes it worse is that these actions scream that you are not yet ready for the job. According to the psychologists, awareness of all these behaviors is the first step towards overcoming all such problems. So, in a professional setting following are the habits that you need to avoid giving a bad impression.


Before a job interview, you should never smoke; it is because the interviewer will smell it on you. When you will not smell good, even if you are intelligent it won’t make much of an impact.

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Biting your nails:

Your interview is something that tells the hiring managers about your nervousness. If you keep biting your nails during the interview, it will not only look gross and will downgrade your overall personality.

Looking at the phone:

According to experts, candidates who keep checking their phone during a job interview signal their boredom. Checking the phone again and again is a kind of addiction that has been given a name of nomophobia and is not at all liked by the interviewers.

Rubbing hands on your things:

In the boardroom, you are not supposed to rub your hands together on your things. This behavior has a soothing effect which can take the focus away from what you are saying to the interviewer. You can make a conscious effort to keep your hands firmly on your knees with palms down. But it is better to fold your hands on the table in front of you.

Not smiling:

People, who smile, are considered more trust worthy as compared to the ones who keep on frowning. With smile, candidates appear more intelligent. For this purpose, you can practice in front of the mirror and keep a smile on your face throughout the process.

Talking fast:

When a candidate talks fast, it becomes impossible for an interviewer to comprehend. Therefore, you need to slow down while talking to the other person so that they can understand completely whatever you tell them.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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