6 Habits that can damage your brain

Forming a habit may not take longer than thirty days but getting rid of one can take much longer. Sometimes we do not realize the things that we do on daily basis can actively affect our brain causing long-term damages. It is because everything we do influences our brain and some activities our brain to function normally. If you keep on repeating these habits over years, then you can imagine what harm they will bring to your brain.

But if you change your lifestyle then it can guarantee health for your body and brain. Following are the terrible habits you need to avoid in order to prevent brain damage:

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Skipping breakfast:

Many people are on the go and forgo when it comes to eating breakfast. In order to get work faster, we don’t give much importance to eating healthy. But breakfast is the most important meal of the day that influences our performance as well as emotional wellbeing. Skipping breakfast causes lack of energy, lack of concentration, and bad mood. Therefore if you want to keep yourself active, eat a healthy breakfast and never skip.


This is the terrible habit most people are attracted towards. But they do not realize that smoking reduces the oxygen supply to the brain and promote the chances of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. For keeping your brain healthy, you must quit smoking.

Increased sugar intake:

We are sometimes not aware of the amount of sugar we are taking but it increases the risks of the development of tumors. It wraps the functioning of the immune system and interferes with the neurological development. Be wise about your sugar intake because it is hidden in many foods unknowingly and its excess damages our brain. Read food labels to check any ingredients in the form of hidden sugars and opt for sugar-free products.

Keeping your head covered while asleep:

Covering our head during asleep can increase the concentration of carbon dioxide and reduce the amount of oxygen. This causes direct harm to parts of our brain; therefore, never keep your head covered with a cap or anything while asleep.

Pressure on the brain during sickness:

When we are not feeling well, we think that working out will be beneficial like always. But researches have proved that working or studying while ill can have damaging effects on the brain. It weakens our immune system; therefore, avoid pressurizing your brain when you are not feeling well.

Reduced mental stimulation or exercise:

In order to keep our brain young, we need to keep challenging it with intelligent conversations, puzzle games etc. this will increase eh learning capacity as well as bring positive effects on our brain.

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