6 Habits that are damaging for your brain


There are certain lifestyles that threaten the health of your brain significantly, even when the connection isn’t obvious. These are usually the habits that deny your brain important nutrients or rapidly kill brain cells to put you at risk of mental disorders like depression or anxiety.

Following are the few habits that damage your brain and stopping them can make a great difference in your mental and physical health:

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Skipping breakfast:

When you have to rush to the office, the easiest thing you do is that you skip breakfast. It gives you the satisfaction that you will reach the office earlier but this is something that costs you your health later. Moreover, skipping breakfast does not help in reducing weight, instead, when you are on empty stomach, you feel hungrier in the later part of the day and eat more.

Sleeping late:

It is common for people to sleep late at night especially when it’s a weekend. But what you don’t understand is that sleeping late at night is dangerous for your brain health. When you stay awake till late, you suffer from weight gain, hair loss, weak eyesight, and various skin issues.

Consuming foods high in sugar:

Unknowingly you consume foods that are high in sugar and they are a big cause of Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease. When you consume foods that are high in sugar, it adversely affects your learning ability and increases your depression.

Eating meals while watching TV:

Normally you find it best to eat in front of the TV but when you are having your meal at that time, you fail to develop the memory of your recent appetite. This leads you to overeat which ultimately leads to obesity.


Smoking is not only bad for your lungs but it is extremely dangerous for your brain. When you smoke, it increases the chances of stroke, Alzheimer’s, as well as other dementia-related diseases.

Covering your head while sleeping:

It is most common for people to cover their heads while sleeping especially during winter. But if you have such a habit, you should stop it immediately. It is because when you cover your head, you can have trouble inhaling oxygen which can be really damaging to your brain.

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