6 Cost-cutting habits every freelancer must develop


Freelancers love their freedom of being their own boss, having their own schedules, and having to choose their finances themselves. Having to choose financial freedom, attracts most people towards freelancing. But the sense of freedom can most of the time obstruct a freelancer’s journey to financial independence. For a freelancer, it is not easy to save much money; therefore you should develop these cost-cutting habits to save more.

1- Tracking:

The most important habit to develop for saving money is to start tracking your business income and expenses. Eradicate waste of your cash to the minimum and track your finances. This tracking will help you identify the areas where your money is being wasted without you knowing it.

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2- Using cloud-based software:

There are some things that cannot be done without software however, you should always think of low-cost ways to use it. There are so many open-source and cloud-based software options available out there that can help all your work done for free. Options such as Evernote, WordPress, or Google Apps can help manage your email, calendaring, team collaboration, etc. free of any cost until you require more features.

3- Purchasing in bulk:

Instead of purchasing your stationery when you need it, buy it in bulk. To reduce costs, you can order a whole year’s supply and you can do the same on paying the bills for necessary things including telephone, memberships, and software.

4- Outsource:

When your freelancing business expands, you feel like needing more hands working for you. Instead of hiring employees, outsourcing can be the best way to cut costs.

5- Saving on utility expenses:

It is hard to save any money from your utilities but by reducing consumption, you can do that too. Try to use less energy by switching off the appliances when not in use. Another good way is to switch regular appliances with energy-saving appliances such as energy-saving bulbs.

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6- Pay your debt:

A credit card can get you caught up in compound interests and other piling charges that you may never be able to take off. Develop a habit to pay your debts as fast as you can and this will help you have more money for savings and major expenses

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