5G to be Launched in Pakistan by August 2024: IT Minister

5G to be Launched in Pakistan by August 2024

According to Dr. Umar Saif, the acting federal minister for information technology and telecommunication, Pakistan is getting ready to introduce 5G services in July or August of 2024. The minister made this remark during the Pakistan Mobile Summit, where he also disclosed intentions to auction off 300MHz of spectrum in preparation for the rollout of 5G.

But before 5G is implemented, Dr. Saif emphasized how crucial it is to strengthen the optic fiber network. He pointed out that only roughly 6,000 of the nation’s 56,000 mobile towers are currently wired with optic fiber cables.

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The federal government has chosen to give mobile makers a 3% Research and Development (R&D) remittance beginning in the following monetary year with an end goal of helping the local mobile industry. As indicated by Dr. Umar Saif, this compensation will ascend from three to eight percent throughout the following couple of years, empowering nearby ventures to participate in Research and development.

This program fits in with the larger government plan to develop the technology industry and make Pakistan self-sufficient in the manufacture of electronic devices.

Dr. Umer Saif also emphasized the noteworthy advancements in domestic smartphone production, noting that during the previous 24 months, about 9 million smartphones valued at roughly $1.5 billion were put together in the nation.

At the moment, 35 distinct mobile phone brands actively support the regional manufacturing sector. Apart from that, preparations are being made locally for the components, with the eventual objective of producing fully completed phones in Pakistan.

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