5 Ways you can make employees feel they are valued

When it comes to making people work their best for you, you need to make them feel valued. They need to know that their contributions are making an impact on the organization they are working for. It is then; the employees will stay loyal to their jobs. Just salary is not enough to make them stay; they need an importance of their work.

Following are the simple things that you can do on daily basis to make your employees feel valued at work:

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Get to know them:

When it comes to making employees feel valued, you need to approach everyday conversations very carefully. Get to know people and become aware that what they have done for the company. Understand their life apart from their work and develop a genuine interest in knowing what kind of individuals they are and what are they going through.

Give constructive feedback:

In order to make employees more productive, give them a constructive feedback from time to time. Tell them what skills they need in order to improve their work. Your feedback can improve and refine their skillset constantly and they will feel themselves a part of the organization.

Give them time:

Most of the managers think that listening to employees isn’t that important and they only know how to assign them work. But communication goes along way and you build a better relationship with employees through it. Therefore, take out tie to listen to them. Pay attention to the issues they bring to you and make every effort to solve them.

Praise them publically:

People feel more valued when they are praised in front of others. Instead of just saying they are important and are valued personally, praise them publically. Acknowledge their efforts in front of their peers and show your true commitment to your employees.

Allow them to use their creativity:

Do not make employees think that they are being controlled by you. Allow them to use their creativity and perform the tasks they think they can do in a better way. Correct them if they are wrong about something but give them certain liberty in performing the tasks.

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