5 ways to make yourself happy

Everyone overestimates the amount of time needed to enjoy an experience and as a result, you end up wasting small pockets of free time that you could use more effectively. Only five minutes of socializing with a friend or a colleague or 20 minutes on an elliptical machine have often more powerful mood benefits than you expect.

Following are the few strategies that you can practice right now to make yourself happier:

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Do some aerobic exercises:

Researchers found that aerobic exercises bring positive effects on an individual’s mood. In fifteen different studies, researchers analyzed that physical exercise can be an effective treatment of mild or moderate depression. The easiest of which is jumping jacks which are mostly used for warming up and elevates your mood instantly by activating various muscle groups.

Positive social connection:

Having a positive conversation with a friend can have lasting effects on your mood. So, if there are people around you whom you like and they motivate you, call them and talk to them. This will give an instant increase to your energy and will bring positivity to your life.

List three things you are grateful for:

It is good to be grateful for everything that you have but by simply identifying three good things, you can get an immediate effect on your mood. It is because when you list down three good things, you think about the benefits specifically and feel good about having them. This brings good effects on your mood instantly.

Imagine your best possible self:

Research has proved that imagining your best possible self makes you more optimistic and delivers a range of positive emotions. When you are an optimist, you believe that you can control things around you and fix everything that is going wrong. This feeling lifts you up and motivates you to think positively about the future.

Set a daily intention:

Elements that constitute happiness include the setting of a daily intention to guide your day. When you have a purpose for the day, it helps you to make conscious decisions rather than reacting to the incoming demands. It makes you aware of what you intend to accomplish and provides you with a strong sense of purpose.

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