5 Ways to make your boss like you immediately

As a professional or as part of the team, you will have to grow as an individual performer. When you cannot get along well with your boss, the working relationship seems terrible.  It happens because the fundamental rule of employment is usually forgotten i.e. you have been employed to make your manager successful. Your aim should be to make your employer happy, if you are able to help him, then you are in a good shape.

Following are the ways that can help you to become a star in front of your manager,

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An email recap:

According to experts, when you start your job, ask your boss how often they would like to check in. let them know what you are working on and what you have been able to accomplish through an email.

Share your professional ambitions:

Tell your boss about the title you want or what more opportunities that you want. This will help your boss to know which roles and challenges you are ready to take on.

Lend a hand:

If you offer to lend a hand in the company’s key projects, then it will give a good impression to your boss. This will help spread the news that you are willing to work as a team. But never ask for something that you cannot handle.

Ask for your boss advice:

Instead of asking for an opinion, ask for an advice from your boss. This will create a partnership between you and your boss. They will become more supportive of your idea.

Reach office early:

When you reach office early, you are generally perceived by your managers as conscientious and receive higher performance ratings than the latecomers.

Via: Business Insider

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