5 ways to lift your mood when feeling down

It is common for each of us to experience a low-phase at some point in time. We very easily place the blame on our circumstances, health, or emotional proclivities. But in reality only we ourselves are responsible for such bouts of grief, boredom, and depression. Snapping out of a bad mood is not an easy thing but there some tried and tested strategies that can help a lot.

Following are the few strategies that you can apply:

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Getting to the root cause:

When you are feeling down, you need to know the reason behind it. You need to take few moments and think about the activities, your actions during the past days. Focus on the things that are not making you feel comfortable. If there are any problems then get them fixed and if there are not any issues, then accept and move on to other activities to lift your mood.

Become grateful:

Showing gratitude really works and it should be practiced on daily basis. Most part of your life, you complain about things you don’t have. This is something that makes you depressed. If you start counting the things that you have and be grateful, you will have no time to feel down.

Get support of friends and family:

When you are feeling down, you actually need company of a friend or a family member to actually make you feel good. Spend time with them, talk to them, but let them dictate the conversation. When you will just watch and listen, you will learn more and it will make you focus on other people’s lives rather than your own self.

Get a perspective:

You have got to keep in mind that nothing lasts forever and whatever crises you have been through is also going to end. Once you get a perspective in life, you get a definite sense of relief that can help a lot in lifting your mood up.

Use your emotional intelligence:

You need to determine the feelings that are causing you to undergo a depressed state of mind. For this purpose, your emotional intelligence can help you differentiate between different states of your mind. Just intelligently know whether you are bored, lazy, or feeling down. If you are just bored then you can practice an activity to get over the feeling. But if you are feeling down because you are depressed, you need to adopt a different strategy with that.

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