5 Ways to beat your phone addiction

Phone addiction has risen steadily since the advancement in the cellphone technology. Phone addiction is closely intertwined with social media addiction and according to a growing number of studies; the pastime on phone is becoming addictive. It is becoming so much serious that this addiction is being linked to serious mental health risks. Especially among the younger generation, the phone use is putting at the risk of depression and suicide.

If you find yourself checking your phone first thing in the morning, text messaging while driving, checking notifications instead of working on an important assignment, then chances are that you are suffering from that addiction too. This can make you miss some of the most enjoyable moments of your life which you ignore due to being constantly engrossed in your phone. Following are the ways to be able to handle your phone addiction:

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Ignoring phone for first thirty minutes of a day:

When you find yourself checking you phone right after waking up, you need to manage this addiction. The first thirty minutes of your day should be dedicated towards fully awakening, getting out of bed, taking five minutes to meditate, stretching, and preparing your own breakfast. In order to take on the day ahead, these are the most useful habits that can help you build an inner fortitude.

Create a no-phone time-zone:

It happens often that when you are working on an important project, you get distracted because of the phone alerts. It makes it hard for you to focus on your work and decreases the productivity. Therefore, close off your phone for at least two hours of your day and concentrate completely on your work.

Power off your phone while driving:

Once you have a phone in your hand, it is impossible to concentrate even while you are driving. Make it a habit of turning off your phone whenever you hit the road. Driving is one of the activities where you need to be concentrated all the time and if you don’t do that, you will have to suffer the consequences.

Live in the moment:

When you have a phone in hand, it is impossible for you to give attention to something or somebody else. When you are associated with your phone, you ignore the people around you and try to connect to the friends in the virtual world more. You need to get real with your time and you must set your phone aside when you meet someone. Turn your attention to the person you are talking and learn more about them instead of checking your phone.

Get a good night sleep:

It has become really common to play video games, text messages, or check notifications over your phone even before sleeping. It brings harmful effects to your mind and even after a full night sleep, you never feel fresh when you wake up. Therefore, turn off your phone an hour before bed time and focus it more towards what you achieved and the goals for the next day.

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