5 ways that lead to a healthy and happy living

Most of our health problems are caused by stress and get worse with the passage of time. Throwing our hormones out of whack, stress causes us to age faster and make us feel anxious all the time. It feels like we are toiling away from goals we do not want to even meet. We fail to structure our days around the things we enjoy. It makes us unhappy and shuns away our new experiences. This is the problem which is being faced by everyone today. The reason for this unhappiness is that we are living for imaginary gains. We sacrifice our current happiness with our future which makes our achievements meaningless to us. This is the time when a change is badly needed for our health and happiness. We need to find silence in our life and it can be found through few simple tricks.

Set a daily quiet moment:

You need to plan quiet moments for yourself. You can find these moments in the early morning and these will help you to start off your day peacefully. If you decide to keep these quiet moments in the evening then they will help you a lot with your sleeping pattern.

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Pick up a quiet activity:

Once you decide when to get the quiet moments for yourself, find a silent activity to adopt. You can choose anything that can disconnect you from the inner and outer noise and allows you to focus on your body. Exercising is an extremely good way to for this purpose.

Meditate or do yoga:

With the help of meditation, you can get a silent moment at any time of the day. Yoga is also good for bringing your soul to peace. Both meditation and yoga can help relax your mind and body before or after a busy day.

Find comfort in nature:

Staying all the time connected has made our lives miserable. Try to ditch your smartphone on a weekend and go for a walk in the woods or in the mountains. Observe the silence of nature and you will feel the peace transferring into your body.

Disconnect from technology:

For finding peace within yourself, you need to disconnect yourself from the social media. Turning off your social media notifications for few hours a day can make you feel relaxed and comfortable. The constant flow of messages disturbs your peace of mind. When you will not be disturbed for few hours, you will give more space for the development of new ideas.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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