5 ways that can help you to create happiness in your life

It is very common for today’s people to search for happiness in material things such as their job, more money, and better relationships. But the truth is that you can only find happiness within yourself. True happiness comes from within and you can create it in your daily life. You need to acknowledge that happiness is a state of mind and you can create it with positive or good emotions.

Being in charge of your own thoughts might be difficult but the following are the ways that can help you to create happiness in your life:

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Exercise regularly:

You may not give it importance but when you move your body on daily basis, it will change your state. It is the fastest way to get joy and will make you feel more energetic and fulfilled. Make it a habit of engaging yourself in an exercise that gives you pleasure and you will have better a mood and will have good health.


According to experts, even a fake smile can bring happiness to you. If you don’t have any reason to smile then try to fake it and you will see how your mood is changed. The movement you change with your physical body, your emotions follow it and make you feel better.

Have fun:

For living a fulfilled life, you need to remember how to play like kids. You must take out time to have fun and it is the fastest way you can get in touch with your inner happiness. It should be a part of your weekly regime to play and run likes kids.

Chose to watch something funny:

Have you ever seen kids watching cartoons and laughing hard? Because cartoon movies provide them a reason to laugh at something they think is funny. Find something that you find funny and watch it every day. Laughing is a healthy way to cope with stress and removes sadness form your life.

It is okay to forget your schedule for some time:

Sometimes it becomes overwhelming when you don’t get done with your never-ending list. It is the time when you need to engage in a practice where you must forget your schedule. If you forget your schedule for an hour, things won’t fall apart. But take this time to set yourself free from everything and move away from the stress of it.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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