5 ways how meditation can change your brain and life

You must be aware that meditation leads to mental clarity but have you ever thought of how it actually benefits the brain? According to researchers, mindfulness practice brings about numerous positive psychological changes that help to make the connection between your brain and meditation even stronger. In the field of psychology, it has been confirmed that meditation brings significant changes in your brain.

Following are the ways meditation can help you improve focus, concentration, and overall psychological well-being:

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  • Helps to preserve the aging brain:

Studies have revealed that people, who practice meditation for a long time, have better preservation than people who don’t. People who meditate, have a greater grey volume throughout the brain whereas the older meditators still had some volume loss compared to younger meditators but it wasn’t as significant as the non-meditators. Great thing is, it stops thinking negative

  • Decrease activity in the default mode network:

The brain network that is responsible for mind wandering known as the default mode network (DMN) remains active even if you are not thinking about anything in particular. Studies have found that people who meditate on a regular basis, have decreased activity in their DMN.

  • A tool for managing depression:

The researchers have revealed that depression isn’t a magic bullet to treat depression. But it acts as a tool that helps to manage the symptoms of depression. The relationship between mindfulness meditation and its ability to reduce depressive symptoms has been reviewed by experts. It was found that the effect size of meditation was moderate at 0.3. The effect size of any antidepressant is also 0.3 which makes the effect of meditation sound much better. These 5 world leaders also mediate daily to improve their health.

  • Improves concentration and attention:

One of the central benefits of meditation has been observed as it helps to improve concentration and attention. Studies have found out that a couple of weeks of meditation helps people focus better and helps with their cognitive skills on the job. Meditation raises the level of self-awareness which results in your personal growth.

  • Reduces anxiety:

The biggest benefit of practicing meditation is that it helps in stress reduction. Are you stressed and feel irritated? Follow these 7 easy steps to get over stress.

Researchers have shown that meditation reduces anxiety even years after the initial eight-week course. It not only reduces stress but also helps to overcome the symptoms of social anxiety.


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