5 unique things you should know about the new iPhone X

The iPhone Launches this Friday, 3rd November. It is already highly in demand and pre-orders have taken Apple by storm. The new iPhone X is expected to be a trendsetter in a smartphone industry because of its unique design, new and improved features.

If you are planning to buy iPhone X, following are the 5 things you should know about the Apple’s new flagship model.

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1- The iPhone X will be expensive

Yes you read it right, iPhone X will be the most expensive iPhone ever. Alongside its high price, it will be expensive to get the device repaired as well. Without AppleCare+, getting your iPhone X fixed for simple water damage could cost around $550. Getting the screen replaced will cost $279.

2- iPhone X is gesture oriented

The new edge to EDGE iPhone X screen has a lot of gesture based controls. The big round home button at the bottom is long gone, you will have to swipe up from the bottom to get to the home. There are few other gesture based actions in the phone as well.

3 – Some Apps may not work well

The new edge to EDGE screen means the apps in the phone will occupy larger screen space. Expect to see a lot of third party apps not showing up properly on your new iPhone X because they were created keeping in mind the previous screen resolutions. The app developers will have to accommodate the apps to fit in nicely in the new iPhone X.

4 – Greater battery life because of Truedepth system

We all know that the touch id will be missing from the new iPhone X. The truedepth system with face ID, a fast secure technology that will be used to unlock your iPhone will also enhance your phone’s battery life. It will stay lit if the user is looking at the phone and well go off if your eyes move away from the screen, this is going to be great for improved battery life.

5- Wireless charging

For the first time, Apple has introduced wireless charging for its iPhone sets starting from iPhone 8 and now iPhone X. Wireless charging is very fast as compared to the traditional charging. Overcharge could lead to low battery life.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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