5 things you do that make people dislike you immediately

Business Insider, in a video talks about 5 things that you are doing and make people dislike you immediately.

Here is the transcript of the video.

#1 – Sharing too much personal pictures on social media

Posting too many pictures does not go well with the people. According to a study that looked at 508 Facebook profiles, too many personal and family pictures puts people off. Advise here is, post moderate amount of pictures if you really want your friend circle to know what you are doing.

#2 – Name dropping

In a study, few people were asked to namedrop a tennis player Rodger Federer in emails. The more they emphasized their Association with the Tennis legend, higher they were disliked. The emails sounded manipulated, participants said.

# 3 – Self praise

It is the biggest put off. By using the words such as “I work too hard”, ” I am the best”, “I care a lot” frequently is asking for disliking. When applying for a job, Humblebragging will hurt your chances of getting hired.

#4 – Emotionless expressions

In a study, students were shown 2 videos of an actor. One showing emotions (Happy, Sad Face) and other emotionless. Students light the one with emotions.

#5 – Not Smiling

A study was conducted on the students and showed them pictures of people with different face expressions. No matter how a person posed in a photo, people liked the most if they were smiling. The study says smiling picture makes one memorable.