5 Things smart people never reveal at work

Becoming smarter is not just about doing smart things, it is about knowing where the line is and staying careful not to cross it. They build strong professional relationships without opening up to their colleagues. They know that once they share something with people, there is no going back. The studies carried out revealed people who are high in performance have high emotional intelligence. This is what helps smart people to manage their behavior, navigate social complexities, and achieve positive outcomes with personal decisions.

Following are the things that smart people never reveal in front of others.

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  • Political beliefs:

Politics is treated differently by people. By asserting their own values can alienate people quickly and this can turn into a hot debate leading to a conflict. Sometimes, political beliefs are tied closely to people’s identities and if you disagree with someone else’s view, this can give them a strong perception of you. Therefore, smart people are willing to listen to others instead of challenging their views.

  • Announcing a colleague’s incompetence:

It is very common to see incompetent people at a workplace. Mostly they are very well known by the entire working team. Smart people never announce a colleague’s incompetence in order to look better themselves. They know that if they cannot help a person to improve or are not in the power to fire them; their views will make the other colleagues form a negative opinion about them.

  • The amount of money they make:

Telling others about how much money you make certainly brings up negativity. Telling colleagues about how much money people make, gives them a reason to start a direct measure of comparison. After that everything done by a person is taken as against them. Therefore, smart people never reveal their amount of salary in front of others.

  • Not liking the job:

Complaining about the job that you are doing is something nobody wants to hear at the workplace. It feels like bringing down the morale of the entire team. Also, managers and bosses keep an eye on all such people who bring the morale of the team down and they are very quick to bring in the replacements that are enthusiastic about the job.

  • New job search:

When you tell someone you are searching for a new job, you become a waste of time for others. It may happen that you remain unsuccessful in finding a new job, in this case, all your efforts will be considered a waste as the managers, and colleagues will take you as someone not interested to work.

Via: Business Insider


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