5 steps to improving your self-esteem

Only one opinion that truly matters when it comes to your self-worth is your own. Therefore it needs to be carefully evaluated because you can be your own harshest critic. But if you have ever experienced setbacks in your life, you can put yourself on trial and sometimes sentence yourself to a lifetime of self-criticism. This can make your improvement of self-esteem really challenging. According to experts, self-esteem is unstable and can fluctuate not even daily but hourly.

In order to help improve your self-esteem and better deal with all the challenges, following are the few things to keep in mind.

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Positive affirmation:

People often talk about giving your own self positive affirmations but there is a method for practicing it. People with low self-esteem are often very sensitive and anything affirmation said to them can make their situation even worse. According to experts, you need to say something more manageable such as “I am going to achieve what I want” or “I am going to be successful”. This is going to help actually improve self-esteem.

Focus on your strengths:

In order to improve your self-esteem, you need to focus on what you are good at. You need to be able to pick up your capabilities and work on them to become great at them. You should also pursue the careers which you feel are according to your capabilities. In that way, you will get the chance to improving your skills more and increasing your self-esteem.

Accept the compliments:

When you are low on self-esteem, you usually shrug off compliments thinking of them as lies. You need to have more compliments at that time because you need them the most. Therefore, accept the compliments and believe them. Be nice to the people who give you compliments and respond in a positive manner.

Don’t be self-critical:

According to experts, low self-esteem makes you more self-critical. When you have suffered a setback in life, combat it with self-compassion. Become more kind to yourself and it will save you from damage. You can use this time on self-improvement rather than criticizing yourself.

Make a list of your qualities:

Every person in this world is unique and has capabilities which others don’t have. So when you experience a setback or rejection, make a list of the qualities that you have. Tell yourself that how important that quality that you possess and how it makes you a good human. It will be an instant way to improve your self-esteem.

Via: Business Insider

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