5 Skills that every marketer should have

The field of marketing is evolving rapidly no matter the fundamentals are still the same and the skills that once made all marketers well-equipped have shifted. The marketing industry today needs people who can do everything from crunching data to creating media. Marketing has been taken to another level in which marketers have to act as a jack-of-all-trades. And marketing for a startup business is a lot different than traditional marketing for corporate companies. This is because startups are smaller than the companies and stakes are extremely high when a member is added to a team of one or two members. Marketing for startups has to be done with minimal resources in a way that it can actually make a business successful. Along with personality traits, all marketers are required to have certain skills that make them energetic, creative, and willing to learn through trials and errors in their marketing journey.

Following are the few skills that every marketer should have when applying for startups:

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Knowledge of SEO and content creation:

Startups are small and or their visibility, they need an online presence. If you are familiar with SEO and content creation, you can be an asset for the hiring team. With your skills, you can assist them in creating video content as well as blogging. Your writing skills will help them develop a lasting relationship with their audience.

Coding skills:

The knowledge of SEO strategies and coding skills goes hand-in-hand for a startup. A lot of processes can be streamlined with the help of our coding knowledge especially when you have to deal with limited resources. The knowledge does not have to be perfect, a simple understanding of HTML and CSS is enough for WordPress, email marketing, social media etc.

Data Analysis Experience:

Data analysis is a complex and time consuming area of any business and startups are always looking for a person who knows how to gather data and make sense of it all. You should show them the ability to create and run A/B test campaigns on your own.

Social media marketing:

As startups are created with limited budgets therefore there is no person dedicated for managing social media content. So this responsibility usually falls on the shoulders of the marketers. You should have tips and strategies that work well for an online presence on social networks.

Design skills:

Startups are always working on their website, email design, and internet marketing and for this purpose; your design skills will be a lot helpful. Familiarize yourself with different design skills and create some websites that can demonstrate your knowledge.

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