5 real, innovative uses of machine learning

The technical capabilities of machine learning are being overpraised but this has overshadowed the real advances in the actual technology. Unfortunately, we are more aware of the limitations but are completely ignorant how it can be of value in our daily activates once it’s applied. We may not know but the improvements in the algorithms of machine learning are enabling us to do more refined computational tasks than ever before.

Machine learning is not a magic, it is a set of algorithms and data processing. It helps people to get better at what they do, not as a tool to replace them. The best outcomes by this technology have been ensured by the active partnership between technology and informed human counterparts.

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Following are the few innovative uses of machine learning that will be soon making a way into your life:

1. Adoption of autonomous vehicles:

The advancing field of machine learning indicates a promising future for transportation. The traffic-related fatalities are considered to be reduced because of more use of the self-driving cars. The adoption of these self-driving vehicles is predictable but the timescale depends upon the actions taken by the authorities. But this innovation in transportation will surely lead to safer driving in future.

2. Improved health care:

The healthcare industry right now is the major point of concern all over the world. The process of machine learning will improve as it will help to better analyze and diagnose without breaching the confidentiality of the patient. Google is ahead of the game by introducing a machine learning algorithm that can help identify cancerous tumors on mammograms.

3. E-commerce retailers:

Machine learning can bring a positive impact on the international retail sector making it easier to compile an infinite trough of consumer shipping patterns as well as the tendencies. It can combine the digital behavior patterns in order to optimize the consumer’s journey by keeping a record from the beginning, to the purchase of the product and then to follow up.

4. Proper checking of the content:

For the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, serious impacts have been observed due to the failure of the proper checking of the content. The emerging machine learning technology, however, promises to provide propriety systems for developing the interactions between humans and the artificial intelligence. It can perform the task of moderating the content with innovative tools and resources so everything can work at its best.

5. Control of cybercrime:

In the past years, cybercrimes have caused a great damage to the leading organizations. So, the cyber security of startups and large enterprises has become a major concern. With the machine learning technology, researchers are creating models that can identify fraud, prevent phishing and to provide proper security against cyber-attacks.

Currently, there are some complexities and difficulties in the regulation of machine learning models. But both the startups and organizations are on the move to develop structures in order to apply the analytical methods that can bring benefits to everyone.

Via: Entrepreneur

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