5 Proven Benefits of Thankfulness

Most of the people assume that the benefits of gratitude are primarily external but according to the latest research, thankfulness offers major payoffs on your side of the equation. All too often, you forget to pay attention to gratitude because life gets in the way. Your attention shifts to getting the assignments completed, presentations that need to be given, daily tasks, maintaining relationships, and keeping yourself sane to fit into the schedule you have created for yourself.

Not only thankfulness can make you happier but it also helps you to achieve the goals you have in mind. According to a study, following are the benefits that may change your perspective on the importance of thankfulness:

It relieves stress:

Stress is something that disturbs every part of your life. it not only decreases the activity level but science has proved that it quickens the progression of cancer. Fortunately, it has been discovered that thankfulness combats stress and has been proven as an antidote to the work stress. When you practice gratitude, it helps you see the good in the challenging situations.

It builds emotional resilience:

There are so many times when you suffer from depression and it can become an onset of a chronic disease. But the practice of gratitude can help you overcome the most traumatic adversity by making you resilient. When you are mentally resilient, you have the courage to fight when things aren’t going well. Being resilient helps you to stay strong no many how many failures you face.

It helps strengthen connections:

When your relationships are strong with your loved ones, you live a happier and successful life. Strong relationships are often the cornerstone of your professional success. You must show gratitude towards the relationships you keep and by giving gifts, prove to them that their presence matter to you.

You get an improved sleep:

Sleep is really important to stay fit mentally and physically. An improved sleep helps you to navigate the world you live in and to stay focused at anything that needs to be done. Thankfulness is one such thing that helps you to get an improved sleep. Studies have found that gratitude is correlated with improved sleep and lower levels of blood pressure.

It helps to rewire your brain:

You may have come across the phrase that neurons that fire together, wire together. Thankfulness rewires your brain and strengthens the pathways. Recently, scientists have proved that thankfulness activates parts of the cortex and the areas that are involved in emotional processing. Gratitude rewires the pathways of positive emotions and even changes your lifestyle.

It improves self-esteem:

Studies have shown that gratitude reduces a social comparison which is a major factor in reducing self-esteem. But when you show gratitude, you are able to appreciate other people’s accomplishments. You get a better understanding of your own capabilities and it helps to improve your self-esteem.