How to become a better leader? 5 effective ways to become a leader in life

This is a timeless debate just like the question “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?”

Some of the people believe that leaders are not born. They can become leaders by training, perception, practice, and experience over time. Whereas others think that leaders naturally possess the intelligence and charisma that motivates people to work like a team.

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According to Dr. Paul Hersey, leadership is something that is attained by working with and through others to achieve major objectives. People are born with innate qualities that affect their leadership. But people, who are not naturally gifted with leadership acumen, can acquire it through hard work and persistence. These are the people who influence others with their work and become more effective leaders.

An extensive survey was carried on leadership development programs that involved more than 86,000 participants in eight of the major companies. The results were definite which removed the possibility of any dispute. The contestants of the leadership development program received confidential feedback from the people who worked around them. The leaders who took part in this program and received the same type of feedback were considered as improving to a limited extent. Following are the specific ways that can help to improve the efficiency of all the leaders.

  1. It is very important to get a 360-feedback on your efficiency by the people around you including your peers and managers.

  2. For improving your leadership skills, focus on the elements that are most likely to enhance your effectiveness as a leader such as becoming a better listener or make decision in an appropriate manner.

  3. For improving your efficiency, it is better to ask the co-workers or suggestions that can help you take your leadership to the next level.

  4. It is good to what others say but you should focus on the ones you think will be helpful for increasing your efficiency and help you move forward.

  5. Repeat this procedure overtime and incorporate different measures for improving the efficiency.

If you can make success out of a weak business plan by working with your team on all levels, then you are already a leader but changing some things can increase the effectiveness of your leadership qualities.

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