5 Mistakes to avoid when applying for the new job

Only because you have a list of professional achievements to showcase and a great explanation why you are the best fit for the job application, does not mean you can get the job easily. When you apply for a job and even then you cannot get it, it means you have made mistakes. You failed to take sensible precautions for applying for the job.

Following are the few common mistakes you may have made while applying for the new job,

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1- You moved too slow:

For companies, time is very important. You are not the only one who applied for the job; there are so many candidates who applied as soon as the job got listed. When you apply late, you are taken as not so seriously wanting a job. Therefore apply as soon as the job gets listed.

2- Your resume and cover letter are not up to snuff:

This is a big reason for many of the qualified people to not being able to get selected for a job. Their resume and cover letter are filled with so many spelling errors. They fail to address the specific job in their cover letter. You need to customize your cover letter for each job application acknowledging the request and the salary range.

3- Making a negative impact:

Sometimes in an interview, people say such things that raise a red flag indicating the personality of the person. Keep your interview positive and upbeat. Be yourself and show that you are a pleasant person to work with.

4- Not saying thanks:

Most of the people do not consider it important to send a thank you note after an interview. It makes the hiring managers take you as not having good manners. Always send a thank you note by reinforcing something said in the interview.

5- You did not ask your references:

Another mistake you may make unknowingly is not asking your references if they are contacted. Always chose the references that are reliable and can give proper answers when asked about you.

Via: Business Insider

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