5 Life lessons that are not taught in schools

Schools are meant to help children grow by providing them with knowledge and tools to create a fulfilling life. But the reality is that in most places around the world, schools aren’t teaching children the lessons that are essential to living this kind of life. A proper kind of education should involve learning of life skills that a person will carry all their life in order to navigate relationships and careers. The current academic isn’t teaching many aspects that are necessary to succeed and thrive in life in general such as financial responsibilities and investments.

Following are the lessons that children aren’t taught in schools although they are utmost important for every individual to know:

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Facing inner fears:

Childhood brings so many phobias for children such as fear of the dark, thunder, monsters, going to the doctor or even going to the school. This makes children fearful of a situation adults don’t find threatening. This is something that is not noticed in children when they attend schools because they are pushed towards focusing on their curriculum. But unless children are encouraged to talk about anxieties and fears, they remain unable to face them their whole life.

Changing mindset and habits:

It is crucial to develop the right mindset of children at an early age but unfortunately, this is not addressed in schools at all. Whereas when kids learn that putting forth the effort and using the strategies can make them smarter, they try harder to achieve more. Schools must help children to understand what their brains are capable of and what amazing things they can actually do.

Unfolding maximum potential:

A teachers responsibility is to help a child unfold and transforming into somebody who can grow bigger and reveal more of themselves to the outer world. This is just like unfolding from a bud to a full-grown flower. Schools can provide children with a safe place to open up and grow and feel physical, emotionally, and academically safe. It is really disappointing to see that nowadays, schools provide an overwhelmingly intense emotional environment for children to succeed.

Finding your passion:

The real purpose of school education for kids is to learn to find their passion. But the existing school system pushes children to take algebra or chemistry without even knowing whether they are even interested in these subjects or not. This puts modern day parents in a bind and they are torn between racing around to various summer programs or extra classes instead of trying to find out what their kids actually want to learn about.

To make money online:

There are so many kids who want to earn additional money along with their studies. But schools do not help them in this case as well. Teachers and parents should be open to discuss ways kids can earn money online along with continuing their studies. There are various sites such as that offer an opportunity for anyone to make some real money as an artist whether its drawings or paintings, or any other crafts.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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