5 Lessons to learn from failures

Every day, we make mistakes but we live and act in ways to prevent them as much as possible. These failures and mistakes do not feel like an awesome learning opportunity because we don’t embrace the stumbles and screw ups in proper ways. It makes us avoid taking risks, expanding our comfort zones or jumping outside the boxes in which we usually stay hidden. Failures are a major part of our life and they are at times, unavoidable. But everybody has made mistakes in life and has failed one way or another. But it isn’t failure; it just feels like it at that time. Every experience that we go through, teaches us a lot. It is the way that we have been taught to consider some of our experiences as triumphs and some as dismal failures. No matter how we take them, every experience is a triumph in the end; it is just what lesson we get from them.

Following are the lessons that we can learn from the biggest failures of our life:

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1. Character development:

Living in our comfort zone makes our life stagnant and we learn nothing. But when we go through different experiences, it makes us confront hardships and trials. This challenges our determination and motivation to help us to merge as victorious. People, who stay persistent through hard times, are truly rewarded by life later on.

2. Teach us about being successful:

The journey towards success teaches us more as compared to the success itself. Once we understand and embrace failure, it helps us to stop making the same mistakes over and over again. It prevents us from going through the same process of frustration for committing the same mistakes.

3. Highlights the areas of improvement:

Failures help us locate the areas in our lives that need improvement. A failure at the workplace might be an indication that we need to improve our communication with people, acquire more technical expertise, or set priorities accordingly.

4. It gives us a choice:

Failure in one part of life does not mean an end to everything. A defeat at one place opens up many other options for us that can be far better than the one we failed at. These multiple opportunities help us to learn more and get back to life with a different approach.

5. Living up to complete potential:

Failures in life help us to live up to our full potential. The occurrence of failure encourages us to take risks in life and put our abilities to drive us forward. These setbacks help us to expand our boundaries and cross our mental barriers.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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