5 Lesser Known But Equally Powerful Freelance Websites

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Freelancing job has activated our brain cells that may have been left to die due to lack of use. It has encouraged us to take the leap of starting our own business. And this business is not just any traditional business; it is something that gives us experience, confidence, and contacts.

Freelancing provides us with skills we need to become an entrepreneur which makes it a valuable career. More and more people are now discovering the benefits of freelancing and this digital nomad lifestyle is growing in popularity. Freelancing has huge benefits as it brings a happier and healthier lifestyle with it. But for getting your freelancing career off the ground, you need to branch out few of the best working platforms to find work as a freelancer.

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There are so many popular websites that promise to provide better opportunities for finding freelance work. But here are few “not so popular” but equally powerful websites that can give your freelancing career a perfect start to find work.


Driven by a huge community of designers and business owners, 99edesigns is a design contest marketplace. It is an ideal place for freelance designers who want to improve their skills and establish relationships with new clients. It allows the designers to compete in design contests and win prizes and also to work with different designers at once.



This platform supports freelancers to help start and build their own business by being independent. It focuses on freelancing for web projects. It is a good place for web developers, designers, SEO specialists, etc. to start off with their work.


Freelance Writing Gigs:

It is a website for freelancers to learn, grow, and share their knowledge through discussions with others. This platform can be the best choice for people who have a passion for writing. So whether you are an editor, writer, publisher, or a blogger, you can start your work with Freelance Writing Gigs.



How interesting your freelance work would become if the networking platform allows you to keep 100% of your earnings? That’s what iFreelance does. It lets you keep all of your earnings. It is a good place for writers, coders, editors, etc. but it also accommodates freelance marketers on the platform.



In this huge online market with plenty of websites available on the internet, it becomes difficult to locate job of your interest. But Project4hire is a platform that makes it easier for you to choose a job that best suits your skills and abilities. It is a good place for coders, consultants, designers, etc. for getting started on their own.


Freelancing platforms offer jobs for everyone whether you are a college student or an expert in a field. You just need to think carefully and choose the platform that you think can work best for you.

Find your feet and become great at what you do, you can never imagine the doors that would open up for you when you’ll start freelancing!

This is Guest Post By Saima Akram, A freelance marketplace bidding specialist.

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